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ABC Bank

Design Consultant @ ABC Bank

This is the UX Case Study for a Design Challenge that I recently completed as part of an interview process at a fin-tech firm.

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Word Count: 1334 | Read time: 5 mins 36 secs
Vinebrook Homes Design System

UX/UI Designer @ VineBrook Homes

Delivered 25+ projects, collaborating with project managers, technical engineers, and stakeholders to create visually appealing and functional user experiences.

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Word Count: 1511 | Read time: 6 mins 21 secs
Easy eatz

UX/UI Designer @ Enigma Virtulux

Contributed significantly to building a standout dine-in application, playing a key role in crafting the design system and application development.

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Word Count: 1518 | Read time: 8 mins 18 secs
Instahub ProduCT design

UX Designer @ InstaHub

During my tenure at InstaHub, I took charge of leading company-wide A/B testing efforts and achieved a successful delivery of the crucial alert setting page, showcasing my proficiency in UX design and leadership abilities.

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Word Count: 671 | Read time: 3 mins 40 secs
DV Studios Website

UX/UI Developer @ DV Studios

Developed the website and logo from scratch, carefully aligning it with the brand's identity & guidelines. By crafting a thoughtful IA and user flow, we created an engaging and visually appealing website.

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Corona Awareness App

UX Designer (Freelance Work)

COVID-free ecosystem where users could conveniently carry a virtual passport, granting them access to their workplaces within a safe and COVID-free environment
PS : I completed this assignment in 6 hours!

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Netflix show

Interaction Designer @ DePaul CDM

Our mobile application aims to be the ultimate resource for movie-goers, empowering customers to discover and engage with movies of their interest well in advance, even months before their theatrical release.

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UX Researcher @ DePaul University

I meticulously conducted research for this case study, engaging in interviews with several participants. Subsequently, I analyzed their outcomes through tools such as IBM SPSS and R, enabling data-driven design decisions.

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