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I'm Omkar Dixit,
a UX/UI Designer currently working at Fluidra NA.

During my time at InstaHub, I focused on designing visually appealing websites with a strong emphasis on user-friendly design and intuitive navigation. Working closely with the CEO and clients, I gathered and evaluated user requirements while adhering to UI/UX guidelines. Additionally, I conducted user research, facilitated usability testing, and carried out user interviews to ensure optimal user experiences.

As a Product Designer at Enigma Virtulux, I had the privilege of collaborating with multiple international brands and successfully delivering over 6 projects, showcasing my expertise in product design and project management.

Welcome to the story of my life.





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#1 Painting my childhood

Since childhood, I have been fond of drawing and outdoor games. I still have a glimpse of me scoring an A grade in Elementary and Intermediate drawing competitions and showcasing my drawings to different art galleries. As rightly said, one inherits their parent's genes and I am glad to get these art skills from my parents.

#2 Gamer's never die, they respawn!

My fondness for computers once again takes me back to my childhood memories. Just like every kid, I spent my childhood watching cartoons, and my mom scolding me about it saying "If you sit in front of the television screen for long, it’ll eat you up". In 2003, I was introduced to the computer for the first time and it really fascinated me. You can actually interact with television this thought helped me overcome my fear of television eating me ( I know it sounds silly but try on kids it surely works :D)          

I was 10 when I got my first computer. I was glued to it 24x7. Owing to my art skills, I learned to Paint. Looking at my love for computers, my parents decided to teach me computers in-depth and in 2005 I was enrolled in my first ever computer course. By the time I was in 9th grade, I developed a 3D model of a house and built a tour of it in 3D Max. My school showcased this project in front of my family and friends. On the same day, I secured 542nd rank in the International Informatics Olympiad 2009 at the State level. Undoubtedly that was my moment!          

Guess what, right after that instead of saying “Great work my child” they said, “Humara Beta Engineer Banega” (Which means our son will become an engineer). The proud moment you see:’D

#3 Hunger for more

Being a huge fan of marvel movies, I never missed watching any of their releases. All the techs like Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality showcased in these movies led me to develop my interest in computer engineering. So, I cleared the entrance exam and started my journey in computer engineering in 2013. I've never prepared a lot for exams, I've always studied one night before the exam. I have never restricted myself to engineering books. I discovered and researched Artificial Intelligence and IoT. I was able to file three research papers on AI and one patent on "traffic systems" with my few colleagues.          

Apart from studying I am an enthusiastic animal. In that time period, I have so many memories to cherish. I have completed 100 treks in the Sahyadri range. Traveling has taught me that not all classrooms have four walls. I took it seriously and began a trekking group, leading to a lot of treks. It helped me to improve my leadership skills and communication skills.          

My mom is a music artist, so I have always been in a musical atmosphere that has helped me grow my interest in music, and so far I have experienced 110+ international artists performing live. I even collaborated with the branding team of the Vh1 Supersonic 2017.          

Hell of a ride!

#4 Run for your life

It always fascinated me about Mixed reality as a Tony Stark fan, so I took courses from udemy and started studying AR / VR. These studies helped me develop a few projects on AR / VR. It helped me secure a full-time job as a unity developer in a start-up company 'Enigma Virtulux'. Working in a start-up, challenged me at a technical level where I worked on multiple platforms like Photoshop, and Photo Editing Illustrator and UI element design, Unity for AR VR development and Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing.

#5 Work for your dream

After working on several projects I realized that I have more potential in designing products. Working in a start-up company has helped me to improve my perspective. Along with coding, I started enjoying the designing component as well, so I decided to pursue a master's in Human-Computer Interaction to gain additional knowledge about UI design and the root of application that is user research.

On 29 August 2019, I traveled to the States to follow my dream. Currently, I’m in my second year and have been working on several UI/UX projects so far.

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